Storms Don’t Last Forever

Until today this has just been one of those crap inspirational quotes that you hear people say, but today it became so much more. I now believe that with the right intentions and faith in god you can achieve anything. So this is just a little message to remind myself that yes there can be some really hard days when nothing seems to be going right and all you want to do is cry and run away. But, if you stick to what you believe in most and get through the worst, there will be good days and these are the days that you need to remember when it gets tough…

Time heals everything, Storms don’t last forever…Cheers to better days! ❤


Our Minds

We live with a strong sense of justice.
We see all the wrongs in the world, and dream of making them right
We dream of change in the world.
Dream of the day where pain is side tracked by a smile.
Days when even the heaviest tears can be lift.
Days when love turns from a dream into a lifetime of happiness.
Days when all edges of right and wrong become less blurry.
Dream of the days when every smile is real.
Days where people come to appreciate what they have before it’s gone.
To see all the beauty in the world before it’s ripped from them.
Dream of the day a broken heart tells a happy story.
A day where being yourself is enough for someone.
We drive on such sustainable hate for each other.
Preach like we rule the heavens.
We all worry about making the same mistakes twice.
We worry about our hearts being broken an unlimited amount of times.
We’re all afraid to have our whole world shattered.
We all live on the edge of insanity sometimes.
Sometimes we’re afraid of standing alone.
We’re scared that we’re losing all hope.
We think we’ll never see the sun again in this shaded world.
But, in reality we’re all trapped
In an unfair system called “OUR MINDS”

Never take anything for granted. Count your blessings. Always love & Appreciate yourselves. Give people a chance. Open up to anyone that dares to try to share their heart with you. Never stop dreaming. Never stop trying. Always believe in better days. You mind isn’t all your made up of, so don’t let the darkest thoughts rule your life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day/morning/afternoon/evening/night- Whatever time it might be when you’re reading this. Take care of yourself always & smile! xx


Ahmed Raza Khan

You touched me
Without touching me
You spoke to me
Sent words deep into my heart
I don’t really know how you came to be
Yet, I’m thankful for you
I’m in awe
Your face
Your eyes
I smile with all the light inside of me
To know that I have you
In conversations
In life
The greatest sphere of confetti couldn’t compare
No amount of balloons
No color can match the colors you paint on my canvas
No beat can give me rhythm like your heart
I am consumed with feelings
On the brink of love
Falling off a cliff
No one can catch me from


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The Power Of “The Present”

Depression is a parasite of the mind. It can shatter even the strongest of people and leave them feeling empty and alone on the inside. I know this because I’ve been in states of severe depression many, many times in my life and I’ve always considered myself strong-minded. It’s an extremely difficult thing to shake off and once it buries, its way into your mind it feels like it will never go away. It’s only recently that I’ve found my own personal ways of pushing it away whenever it decides to re-surface.

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu.

This quote has pretty much saved me from self-destruction. When I truly understood what was being said from this quote my perspective completely changed. After stumbling across this quote, something dawned on me: all the times I’ve been feeling depressed I’ve been living in and thinking of the past; dwelling on events which have passed and constantly pondering mistakes and regrets. For all intents and purposes, the past is dead to us. After it happens it can only exist within our memory and if we choose not to remember and block it out,  it cannot have any power over us. I also realized: all the times I’ve been anxious in my life it was because I was living in the future; contemplating things which haven’t even happened yet and devoting so much mental energy worrying about them. I allowed the past and the future to drain away from my mind and I was left with the present – the only thing that is truly relevant and real when you think about it.

I felt a 100% better when i did this for myself. I sometimes have to remind myself of the quote by Lao Tzu in order to bring stability back into my mindset when I feel like a wave of depression hit me. It works like a charm. For as long as I’m alive I will try my best to live by this quote…

The Truth About Arguments

Never argue with people. It merely strengthens the confidence of their preconceived ideas and beliefs. It’s a waste of all the things you cherish: your time, your energy and your well-being. People revert to a defensive mentality when an argument bubbles to the surface. A raised voice, or any visible signs of anger they detect in you will cause them to feel threatened, and thus forced into a position where they need to defend themselves. It’s quite common in an argument for you to start mirroring the perceived threat and adopt the aggressiveness of the other person. From that point, no one wins and all you get is tirade of emotions.

Secretly, we’re fighting for superiority when we argue. We want that innate satisfaction of feeling as though we are above the other person in some way. The actual truth usually has little to do with it. We want to show people that we are capable of holding our own and that we can be vocal about our thoughts and feelings. We don’t want to appear weak or as though we are likely to capitulate under pressure. Exhibiting strength in the face of adversity can do wonders for our psychological well being, but it’s also a sure fire way of getting roped into a pointless argument where we waste energy.

Has anyone ever truly changed their mind over something because they heard a compelling, logical argument? I think a resounding no probably answers that. In all the debates I’ve listened to of people arguing their points and opinions, I’ve never come across an instance where at the end the other person adopts a completely different belief due to something that’s actually changed the way they see things

Who Cares What People Think

It’s pointless to worry about things beyond our control. It doesn’t matter how well we portray ourselves to other people or how much effort we put into coming across as confident and perfect, people will always have their opinions about us. We have our private thoughts on them and they will inevitably have their own private thoughts on us. No soul alive can stop this from happening so the only logical thing to do, as far as I can see, is to completely disregard its importance. All those people who we believe are thinking about us inside their head have the exact same worries we do. They are also left with the worry of caring what we think about them. The only thing which makes this less of a reality to us is the fact we cannot directly access or experience the thoughts of others for ourselves, but regardless of whether we know or accept this truth, it still remains an ongoing reality for every single person.

This has been the only true way in which I’ve been able to stop caring what other people think about me; it’s completely beyond my control, so what good would it do me to care? None of my caring will ever stop people from thinking so I might as well sit back and let it happen as I undoubtedly know it will.

Acceptance liberates us from most forms of suffering and this constant fear or worry of what others might think of us can become a form of suffering if we allow it to dominate our lives. Accept and let go. It’s the only way.03e3f87d8b0f8dc95bb521ebaff8a181

You’re not in it alone

​There comes a point in your life when you realize who stays forever and whose just around for a while. Always remember that people will change, so will you. Sometimes change happens for the best and sometimes for the worst. Bad things happen to everyone, you’re not in it alone. People will lie to you, hurt you and try to break you & when your hurt they wont give a fuck about how you feel. That’s life.. Your heart beats, no matter how much pain you’re really in. Everything will eventually be okay in the end.
“If it’s not okay, It’s not the end.”


Creations of thought is all we are, architects of our own adventures. Our journey through life is a solitary one. Everything we are, everything we think and feel is trapped within the walls of our own being. No one can access the inner secrets we hold, they belong solely to us. No one can hear our inner voice or know what truly sets our spirit alight. We may tell others our experiences or how we think and feel at a certain time, but that deep visceral understanding can only be known by us.

The human experience is inherently lonely. People may walk the path of life with us on our travels, but ultimately, we are all alone within our own experience. All we can ever truly know or understand is what happens within us, everything else is uncertain.

Our purpose is to find our own light, our own sense of stability in a world full of lies, tricks and distractions. The only battle we will ever have to face is ourselves against the world. We must not allow the darkness of the world to pull us into its abyss. We must find our own light from within and use the limited time we have to experience as much as we possibly can.