Creations of thought is all we are, architects of our own adventures. Our journey through life is a solitary one. Everything we are, everything we think and feel is trapped within the walls of our own being. No one can access the inner secrets we hold, they belong solely to us. No one can hear our inner voice or know what truly sets our spirit alight. We may tell others our experiences or how we think and feel at a certain time, but that deep visceral understanding can only be known by us.

The human experience is inherently lonely. People may walk the path of life with us on our travels, but ultimately, we are all alone within our own experience. All we can ever truly know or understand is what happens within us, everything else is uncertain.

Our purpose is to find our own light, our own sense of stability in a world full of lies, tricks and distractions. The only battle we will ever have to face is ourselves against the world. We must not allow the darkness of the world to pull us into its abyss. We must find our own light from within and use the limited time we have to experience as much as we possibly can.


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