Who Cares What People Think

It’s pointless to worry about things beyond our control. It doesn’t matter how well we portray ourselves to other people or how much effort we put into coming across as confident and perfect, people will always have their opinions about us. We have our private thoughts on them and they will inevitably have their own private thoughts on us. No soul alive can stop this from happening so the only logical thing to do, as far as I can see, is to completely disregard its importance. All those people who we believe are thinking about us inside their head have the exact same worries we do. They are also left with the worry of caring what we think about them. The only thing which makes this less of a reality to us is the fact we cannot directly access or experience the thoughts of others for ourselves, but regardless of whether we know or accept this truth, it still remains an ongoing reality for every single person.

This has been the only true way in which I’ve been able to stop caring what other people think about me; it’s completely beyond my control, so what good would it do me to care? None of my caring will ever stop people from thinking so I might as well sit back and let it happen as I undoubtedly know it will.

Acceptance liberates us from most forms of suffering and this constant fear or worry of what others might think of us can become a form of suffering if we allow it to dominate our lives. Accept and let go. It’s the only way.03e3f87d8b0f8dc95bb521ebaff8a181


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