Our Minds

We live with a strong sense of justice.
We see all the wrongs in the world, and dream of making them right
We dream of change in the world.
Dream of the day where pain is side tracked by a smile.
Days when even the heaviest tears can be lift.
Days when love turns from a dream into a lifetime of happiness.
Days when all edges of right and wrong become less blurry.
Dream of the days when every smile is real.
Days where people come to appreciate what they have before it’s gone.
To see all the beauty in the world before it’s ripped from them.
Dream of the day a broken heart tells a happy story.
A day where being yourself is enough for someone.
We drive on such sustainable hate for each other.
Preach like we rule the heavens.
We all worry about making the same mistakes twice.
We worry about our hearts being broken an unlimited amount of times.
We’re all afraid to have our whole world shattered.
We all live on the edge of insanity sometimes.
Sometimes we’re afraid of standing alone.
We’re scared that we’re losing all hope.
We think we’ll never see the sun again in this shaded world.
But, in reality we’re all trapped
In an unfair system called “OUR MINDS”

Never take anything for granted. Count your blessings. Always love & Appreciate yourselves. Give people a chance. Open up to anyone that dares to try to share their heart with you. Never stop dreaming. Never stop trying. Always believe in better days. You mind isn’t all your made up of, so don’t let the darkest thoughts rule your life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day/morning/afternoon/evening/night- Whatever time it might be when you’re reading this. Take care of yourself always & smile! xx


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