Experiential Life & The Journey Through It

Life is a mysterious journey through random experiences. Every moment of our conscious existence is spent experiencing the world we were born into. How we choose to interpret these experiences is ultimately what shapes our attitudes and beliefs on life.Experiences in themselves are neutral. What makes them “good” or “bad” is how we react to them.

There will be times of joy and happiness but also times of sadness and sorrow. This is not only inevitable, but to be expected. We cannot always control the experiences we have, but we can develop ways of coping and managing them. Good times and positive experiences will inevitably be met with negative experiences and bad times at some point – there’s no way around it. But things do eventually balance themselves out; sometimes in profound, obvious ways, and in other times more subtle ways which are difficult to see.

Life becomes more bearable when we realize that there is a balancing system to almost everything and that there’s no real reason to fear the bad times because they are potentially a stepping stone towards something good and positive. It just takes time.

With the knowledge that things will eventually find their own natural balance, we can approach negative experiences with more optimism and less dread. Somewhere down the line, bad experiences will balance themselves out with good experiences. It will happen of its own accord irrespective of human desire or will. We cannot change or directly alter life, but we are more than capable of changing ourselves and how we interpret the world around us. The trouble is, people are often too wrapped up in the madness of life to ever stand back and see things differently. We view all our difficulties and hardships as things projecting into our life from the outside world, when in reality, it is usually how we think and feel about certain things which create the conditions for the difficulty to exist in the first place.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”


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