Hope changes everything!

Sometimes we face very tough situations in life. Very often we have two choices-either to let go or to hold on, And that can be the hardest choice you’ll ever make.  In life we get used to some things, we love certain things, people or feelings so much that once they are gone we don’t accept it. We feel that we still have them and we can still get it all back, And this denial that we live by is what makes us hold onto things we know we should let go off.
 We know that certain things we do are bad for us. We know it’s going to hurt us. We know we may regret it in the future, but we still go running back to it. The reason for this may be ‘true love’ or it may just be our illusion or image of what our life should be like. Smokers know that smoking kills, yet they do it. Alcoholics know that they are on a wrong path, yet they don’t quit. Lovers know that their love might destroy them, but they yet can’t stop loving. 
 Sometimes your heart and mind becomes so used to pain and hurt that even if something good happens you refuse to accept. You don’t want to believe the good.  You want to hear hurtful things and see hurtful things so that you can further drown in your misery. You like the sadness. You like being hurt. You feel that the universe has been unfair to you and this or the resentment with life helps you to go on. Many people call this unhealthy and it is very unhealthy for our mind, But no amount of lectures or talks will make you get over this feeling. We keep living like that, wanting to feel more pain every day.
But the truth is, it does get better. With time you realize you’re worth more than you thought, you find a purpose to live, you find a reason to be happy. Slowly the want for pain and hurt leaves your heart and your soul, you keep hurting, but one morning you will wake up and realize the hurt is healed, the pain is less and the desire to be happy creeps into your soul rejuvenating your mind.
 So if you’re in pain and you’re hurt just hold on….Hold on till the last ray of hope. Hold on till the stormy clouds fade away and the sun shines brightly in the sky. Most importantly….
“Hold on, because the pain you’re feeling now can’t compare to the JOY that’s coming!”

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