Ray Of Hope

[ My inspiration for this post? Family ]

In life, people strive for a lot of things-love, money, success. They say money can’t buy happiness but without money you can’t live. Well I know money is like oxygen in today’s world but for me the first priority will always be love. I believe It is love that makes our world go around.

Sometimes in a relationship you don’t know whether you’re right or wrong. It gets worse when you don’t know whether the other person is right or wrong. You have a beautiful relationship. You feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of roses then suddenly out of nowhere you feel a thorn. You throw it out afraid to disturb the beauty of the roses.
The thorns increase in number. You continue to ignore the tiny spasms of pain until you open your eyes; awakening from your dream and see you’re lying on a bed of thorns. The roses are gone.  You’re stuck in the middle. You want to wait in the hope that the thorns will magically turn into roses or that you through your love can nurture the thorns back to the soft petals, Or you wish to get out. That’s the tough choice. You’re stuck in the middle; you have no choice but to get severely hurt on your way out of the bed.
That’s the choice we deal with when we are in romantic relationship. The bed of roses doesn’t remain the same, the love songs don’t pleasure your heart anymore, and the sky doesn’t look that blue and the grass looks all the same. Yet you have that hope, that one shining light inside your heart that you’ll get your bed of roses back, see the sky bluer and the grass greener. And sometimes it does happen, the rosy-turned-thorny life magically turns back into the life you had imagined.
At times it doesn’t. But living in the negative won’t allow us to see what our future could be like. So instead we must hold onto that ray of hope which maybe lost within our soul cause if you believe in it, with your heart and soul, and if that’s what you really want then you will get it. Your life will be just as you imagined. The bed of roses will last in your dreams forever and ever. And if the hope fades, the roses turn rotten just remember it was never meant to be….

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