People talk about friendship as the greatest thing ever. In the true sense it is. It gives you a person to talk to about your issues in life, the good or bad. Spend time with them which become everlasting memories. They are there when you need them, mostly, and at times you need to be there for them. But how lasting is this bond? To what extent do you open up to a friend? You tell them your deepest darkest secret or fear that they might tell someone. Worse off what happens when you consider one as your truest or as they bestest friend but for them you are no more than an ordinary mate. You regard one as your best friend while he/she regards someone else as theirs? How is that true friendship? Would you still trust the friend? Well it’s a tough decision. Isn’t it? I guess we are too scared to lose people that at times or usually all the time we easily accept a secondary position in another person’s life who for us might be at the top. Well, such is life. You cannot mean the same to people as they mean to you. We need to accept it. Moreover in lieu of sticking to our chosen friends and occupying the second place do we tend to forget the people who might place us at their number one and regard us at their truest friend? Well in that case we might be theirs but they aren’t our closest.
Hence, the chain continues. A man runs behind what they can’t achieve, whether it is in profession, family, love or friendship.  ​

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