Lust Over Love

People are ridiculously silly these days, everyone is out finding LOVE… Why can’t people just chill out and let love find them? They think ‘real love’ doesn’t exist, they think there is no such thing as ‘perfect guys and keeper girls’. Why must they be so wrong? That’s because too many people out there TODAY choose, ‘Lust Over Love’. Everyone is out to fulfill their own desires. Girls and guys are using each other for their own personal benefits, and that is what ruins it for everyone else. Just because some asshole treats you wrong does not mean they’re all the same. You’ll never find someone who could truly love you for who you are if you don’t keep your standards high. Treat yourself like a lady or a gentleman and you’ll find your perfect match! The whole point of real love is to stay real to one another and most importantly to yourself, if everyone could stay loyal & wait for the perfect ‘time’ things would be better. I mean dating someone isn’t the problem, that in fact is the first step that draws you closer towards another…But! Only date, if you really like that person. Don’t just date, because you want to someone to satisfy you with your needs or because you need someone to spend time with. A relationship isn’t something you get into to keep yourself busy with. To those who are in a relationship and claim to be in ‘love’, don’t just say it PROVE IT. Stay committed, stay true, stay real& i promise things will work out till the end… The ‘perfect couple’ or ‘soul-mates’ don’t have to be extremely good-looking, it has nothing to do with your looks. All it takes is a good heart and clean intentions and it shall do the job. A soul mate isn’t someone who will look like prince charming or a princess, just someone that’ll fit in to your life perfectly. It’ll be someone who will love you just the way you are, and they won’t try to change you unless it’s for betterment. They’ll know you, they’ll accept you and they’ll believe in you way before anyone else will. They’ll be a best-friend or more to you, someone you could talk to about anything. Your mood will automatically start to sync with theirs, you’ll slowly start loosing sleep the nights you two don’t talk, you’ll begin day dreaming, and soon you won’t be able to stand the distance that lays in between… That’s when you’ll realize your truly in love…Yup, THAT one person will be your ‘soul mate’.

The most important person you’ll ever meet…I promise! xox

Lust Over Love


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