Love Is The Best Thing

The best thing we know what to do is love” –Ted Mosby

Love comes in all forms. Love has graduated and been terribly modified since the earlier eras however what remains is that love and only love makes the world go around. I believe the day we stop loving is the day we stop living.

Is it better to love and lose or not to love? This question has prevailed for years now and I believe both are equally right. If you have never loved you will never know what you’re missing out on. Well, a person who has never loved is missing out on the most beautiful feeling ever. It, makes you happy to the core of your body, makes you smile right from your heart and makes your mind shine like the sun, but if due to some god forbidden reason you lose this love, it is worse than hell. However it is a hell which has a ladder back to earth. You feel like it is the end of your world, your body is weak, your mind is delusional and you feel life couldn’t get worse, And of course the thought of it getting better doesn’t occur to you at ALL.

Being realistic, I will say yes all this happens. And it is absolutely fine to feel this way. You loved a person with your all your heart, soul and body and now they are gone. You will obviously be lost, but let me tell you something; the pain doesn’t stay forever that’s because TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS. Your love lost life becomes better as time passes by. You’ll soon see the sunshine and feel the wind once again. And honestly all this actually helps you as when you feel all over again, you’ll know it’s real because you know what they say – “You’ll never value light if you haven’t seen darkness.”



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