What is Love?

We’ve heard millions of people say this, thousands of pictures quoting this: “We should be with someone who loves us, and not with someone who we love.” It’s a very true statement and if we achieve this we will be the happiest. However, lets switch back to reality. How many of us are actually willing to do this? We spend our entire lives finding true love and then the world expects us to forget it and be with someone who loves us. Well it sucks, doesn’t it. First things first, it isn’t true love if the other person doesn’t love you. One sided love is for depressing souls who have given up on life. If you love a person it’s for his character and personality and his feelings towards you. And if he doesn’t respect your feelings or doesn’t show them to you then how do you know you love them. Loving someone for looks or for their personality is very shallow. Love is way deeper than that. We love someone for who they are with us, for what they express to us and not what they are to the world. Love is not public it is a very private thing. The day we learn this, the tales of one sided love will diminish leaving people happier and less heartbroken and save us from the sappy love songs about one sided love. Saying this, I wish to contradict myself. So in contrast to what I just stated I would like to add that everyone goes through that phase where they believe that I will be happy if the one I love is happy. And since I’ve experienced it I can say it’s true. It isn’t exactly one sided love but to some extent it is a feature of it. Love is complicated as hell. But when it’s true and real it’s easy. It’s easy for the heart, it’s easy for the mind and its easy for the soul. That’s the love we all aim for.

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