Understanding & Acceptance

​Happiness is a journey you’ll spend your whole life exploring. Sometimes your happiness will be put in the back seat though, when things go wrong. You won’t see it, and you won’t feel its presence as close to you as it once was, but your happiness is always there.. even if it is in the back of your mind at the time. I believe happiness depends on a lot of things, and that many things can contribute to your happiness & cause it. But I truly, and honestly believe that the main two things to acquire happiness is understanding & acceptance.  Understanding of life, people and yourself. You have to understand why you are the way you are & understand and see how you got there in the first place. You need to understand that you’re special and you will always deserve happiness. You have to understand that in order to be better you’re going to have to accept some things you don’t want to. You’re going to have to accept that some things cannot be changed & that some things don’t need to be changed. Some times life just happens the way you don’t want it to for some reason. Good and bad things happen… You just have to wait for the bad to settle to finally see the good in it all.
Understanding & Acceptance
If someone gives you those two things, then you can be happy with them. You’ll find friends that understand you are the way you are & accept you for that. You never want to involve yourself with people who can’t accept you & don’t even try to make the effort to understand you. But understanding and acceptance is a two-way street. It has to be provided by both parties, or it will just result in a collision. Even if you don’t understand someone, or accept them for who they are, that doesn’t mean you have the right to bash time down, or cause them to go into some crash mode. If you don’t like someone, then don’t have them in your life. You don’t have to go up to that person & make it known that you think they’re the biggest piece of shit you’ve ever seen. Let people be them, and let you be yourself. Why try to change someone? The only person you can change is yourself & it’s the only person you should ever want to consider changing. Accept those in your life that deserve to be there. Understand that sometimes it’s not going to be the best of rides. But ever ride has its bumps & every road has its pot holes. Your destination is always in front of you though, so never stop trying to get there.


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