Love yourself

At times we feel that we can’t live without a person or that we cannot live without a particular object or drug, but this is just our mental set up. In life, there is no CANNOT. The more you feel you can’t without something or someone, life will surely take that away from you. That’s because in this world and in this life we are meant to be free, independent and self-reliant. We don’t need to depend on someone or something for our existence. Yes, we need people, love, support, alcohol, drugs to lead an easy life but in the truest sense of life we do not need them to be happy. We need to find happiness within ourselves. We are our own world, and till the time we aren’t at peace with ourselves no amount of physical love, emotional love or any other form of supposed pleasure will make us happy.

We live in an illusionary world where we believe love specifically romantic love is all we need to be happy. Yes it is a very big part of a happy life considering we have found the right person however only love will not suffice the fire of finding happiness which burns brightly in all our hearts. This fire is tamed only by self-love and inner peace. The first step to this is self-acceptance. We need to accept ourselves. Some of us think we are too fat, too thin, and too short or too tall, have bad teeth, a long face, a stout nose and this list is never-ending. We need to stop. We need to stop criticizing ourselves. We need to love each and every aspect of our bodies. It sounds very preachy but this is the truth. Till the time we don’t love ourselves, our body our mind our life, we will keep looking for other person’s approval or appreciation to make us love ourselves.

I am still in the phase of finding more reasons to love myself cause the reality is people will make you feel good for a while but no one can make you love yourself when we don’t think we are worth that love. Till the time we keep looking for outsider love, we will be ready to be treated less than what we deserve. Like they say ‘we accept the love we think we deserve’. The day you feel you deserve the greatest love you may have a chance of finding it, and even then if you don’t find it, you will be at peace because you will know what you are worth and no other person can make you feel low of yourself or give you less than you deserve


The key to happiness my friend, is loving oneself. Not our physicality but our mind and our thoughts. I’m not talking about self-obsession or praising ourselves all the time, but just loving yourself enough to be at peace mentally with your body and soul…


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