Hard to achieve?

Why is happiness such a hard thing to achieve? Or is it something really easy? WE live in a world where everyone is self-absorbed and thinks that they are the only one with struggles, they are constantly asking themselves “Why me?”. Everyone says that “your life is in your hands and you determine your future“, but do we really? Did you really make the decision all by yourself to spend 4 miserable years in school by attending university? Everyone says that these are the best years of your life, but they are oh so wrong. How can you achieve happiness when you are forced to move miles away from the only place you have comfort? What is logical about leaving your family, the people who have been there for you all your life, to try and get yourself a better life. You didn’t decide to go to university yourself, society decided for you, before you were even born. In all honesty you did have the choice to choose if you went to school or not, but whatever your decision was you we would be judged. If you didn’t go to school then you obviously don’t care about your future and your just going to have a shitty job and not enough money to buy a nice car or a big house. Is that really wrong to be judged for? We go to university to get good jobs, so that we can make good money, and be considered “smart”, buy nice things, live in a big house, go on lots of trips and do fun stuff… So basically we go to school so we can live life. When in actuality we are working our lives away so that we are able to live life. I don’t see how that makes sense because in reality all anyone wants is to live their life with the ones they want and to be happy. We’re not happy, because society is putting all these pressures on us to act and live our lives in a certain way, and we have accepted this as the norm. Should ir really matter to have a good car or a big house? Do you really care if you are labelled as being “smart”? Who decided what the term smart means? What you really care about is your family. You care about them because they are the ones who make you laugh, not your fancy car. They are the ones who are there for you when things get tough, not your job. They are the ones who fill your heart with so much joy that you feel like your going to explode!  They are the ones that give you true happiness. So as long as you stop focusing on all the negative things society is throwing at you and you start appreciating the people you have in life and all that they have to offer you, it will be possible to achieve happiness… But, my question is ‘When is society going to finally realize that this is the way to have permanent happiness?’

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